About us


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who we are

Living Child Inc. is a Not-For-Profit, Non-government organisation that has developed out of a response to the cries for help, and stories of suffering from the people in remote villages of the Keram River area in Angoram District, East Sepik Province in Papua New Guinea.

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The Problem

Women and babies are dying at an alarming rate during pregnancy and birth. Men are left widowers, children left motherless and they are asking for help.

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The solution

Village Birth Attendants are desperate for more health training, education and support so that they can help the women in their villages.



The story

Midwife, Sara David from Perth, Western Australia, was invited to the village of Yamen in remote East Sepik Province, by male church leaders who were very concerned about the high number of mothers dying in their villages due to a lack of health services. Their request, which came through Perth Pastor Mike Bullard in 2011, was for a midwife to train their village birth attendants to save lives. The first outreach trip occurred in August 2012.  

Our Objectives:

  • To understand the current maternal and child health issues in the region

  • To identify key leaders to encourage and equip them with further resources and teaching ideas, and;

  • To see what could be done in the future to support the people in the villages to continue educating the women to prevent death of pregnant women and newborn babies.



That women in the communities in which Living Child Inc. works, will be able to choose when and how many children they have, that they will be able to give birth safely and their children will have every opportunity to grow and thrive.

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our values



to the needs of mothers and their babies through the use of midwifery skills and knowledge available in Living Child Inc


to the people in the villages, to hear their stories and how they think we can assist and support them in addressing the high death rate of mothers and babies


about the local village customs, social ways, their languages & about existing health programs already at work in the villages


the people in a practical and caring way, respecting their culture and social structure


to see what is happening at a local village level and assist where led by the people - be guided by the locals


by actively seeking feedback in order to constantly improve the effectiveness of Living Child Inc work.


our team

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Sara David

Founder and CEO

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Jennifer Smith

Board Member

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Mike Bullard

Board Chairman

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Jerry Yabru

Board Member

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Adrienne Wright

Board Treasurer

Barb_Living Child Board Member.jpg

Barbara Jamieson

Board Secretary