a Not-For-Profit, Non-government organisation

that aims to reduce the maternal and infant death-rate in remote villages of Papua New Guinea by providing training, visual teaching aids and birthing kits to Midwives & Village Birth Attendants.

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our values



to the needs of mothers and their babies through the use of midwifery skills and knowledge available in Living Child Inc


to the people in the villages, to hear their stories and how they think we can assist and support them in addressing the high death rate of mothers and babies


about the local village customs, social ways, their languages & about existing health programs already at work in the villages


the people in a practical and caring way, respecting their culture and social structure


to see what is happening at a local village level and assist where led by the people - be guided by the locals


by actively seeking feedback in order to constantly improve the effectiveness of Living Child Inc work.


Get Involved

If you believe you have skills and experience that will benefit Health Workers in PNG we’d love to hear from you! If you’re interested in contributing your time or money to help Living Child’s work follow the links below or get in touch with us. No donation or volunteer contribution is ever too small or unhelpful.

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Read more about sponsorship opportunities for Health Workers with Living Child.

Volunteer opportunities

Think you have skills and experience that will benefit Health Workers in PNG? We want to know about it. Click below to find out more.

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Help us to provide long term strategies to assist these people and prevent deaths of mothers and babies in the future. Donations made to Living Child inc are now Tax Deductible.